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Live Status of London Heathrow Arrivals

Instructions to check the live status for Heathrow Arrivals with this Flight Arrival Board:

  1. Wait for the Flight Arrival Board to load fully. It may take between 1 to 5 seconds to retrieve life status for all flights landing at Heathrow.
  2. Change Time Period on top of the Flight Arrival Board if you are checking for flights arriving outside this time frame. The Flight Arrival Board will show all flights arriving within the selected three-hour time frame.
  3. Scroll down the page to locate the flight you would like to check. Alternatively, just press CTRL+F on your keyboard to invoke the search box on your browser and type in the flight number / code. Press ENTER and the browser will locate highlight the flight number / code on the first column of the Flight Arrival Board for you. Note that codeshare flights arriving at London Heathrow airport are indicated with ^.
  4. Read the second column for the carrier or airline. BA indicates British Airways while AA indicates American Airlines.
  5. Read the third column for the origin of the flight. The airport code and the airport city is shown here.
  6. Read the forth column “Arrival” for the estimated arrival time for the flight.
  7. Read the fifth column “Status” for the status of the flight. “Landed” means the flight has arrived and landed at Heathrow airport. “Enroute” means the flight has departed and is on its way to London Heathrow airport.  “Schedule” means the flight has yet to depart but has been scheduled.
  8. To check for delays in flights arriving at Heathrow, refer to the fifth column on “Status”. Flight delays are indicated in four colours. Green means the flight is on time (or delayed for not more than 15 minutes). Yellow means the flight is delayed by 15-29 minutes. Amber means the flight is delayed by 30-45 minutes. Lastly, red means the flight is delayed by more than 45 minutes.
  9. To track the flight, click on the track flight icon (airplane icon). The flight position will be shown on a world map (pretty much the same as the one you see on-board. You can only track flights that have departed (with “en-route” status). At the bottom of the flight tracking page, you could set up a flight alert which will notify you on your phone once the flight has arrived at Heathrow airport.
  10. Alternatively, you can also set up alerts for London Heathrow arrivals by clicking on the phone icon on the Flight Arrival Board.

Phone Alert for Heathrow Arrivals

For those of you who use smart phone, you can also track Heathrow arrivals through mobile apps by clicking on the phone icon on the Flight Arrival Board. If you don’t use smart phone, you can still set up a Flight Tracking alert on the web and get notified through sms on normal mobile phone. To find out more about how to set up a flight alert, please refer to our Guide to Check London Heathrow Arrivals.

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