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Paul asks…

Is this good value for a long haul bunnies class flight?

I was looking at flights in Business class going from the United Kingdom to Australia return. With these flight details is this a good price, is it cheap (for the product) or expensive.

London to Melbourne

Flight 1 Thursday, April 26, 2012

Departure: 09:40 London, United Kingdom – Heathrow, terminal 4
Arrival: 09:35 +1 day(s) Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam – Brunei International Note: includes 1 technical stop(s)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200/200ER

Change of plane required. Time between flights : 2:15.

Flight 2 Friday, April 27, 2012

Departure: 11:50 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam – Brunei International
Arrival: 20:45 Melbourne, Australia – International, terminal 2

Melbourne to London

Flight 1 Thursday, July 26, 2012

Departure: 12:25 Melbourne, Australia – International, terminal 2
Arrival: 17:35 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam – Brunei International
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200/200ER

Change of plane required. Time between flights : 2:40.

Flight 2 Thursday, July 26, 2012

Departure: 20:15 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam – Brunei International
Arrival: 05:55 +1 day(s) London, United Kingdom – Heathrow, terminal 4 Note: includes 1 technical stop(s)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200/200ER

The cost is return. What do you think.
Total cost: 2,230.39 GBP

Thank you
Please say if it is good or bad. The cost is to Australia and back
business class. It was a spell check error

Heathrow Arrivals Help Desk answers:

This is a really cheap price for business class, I fly to Australia from london about once a year in business and usually pay approx. £3000. The cheapest I ever seen is about 3years ago when some airlines offered flights for £2000. Lately it’s been much harder to find flights under £3000.

Just remember though once you’ve tried business it’s almost impossible to go back to economy for those long haul flights!

Lizzie asks…

Heathrow airport to Guildford station?

Could someone tell me the best way (or cheapest way) to go to Guildford station from Heathrow airport? I’m going to arrive there from Japan, and arrival time will be 4:20ish.

Heathrow Arrivals Help Desk answers:

I quote
‘Travelling to the University(Guildford) from Heathrow Airport (between the hours of 0715 & 2205) the cheapest way to get to Guildford is on the bus/rail link via Woking. Tickets costing about £12 are available at the rail ticket desk in the terminal. The journey takes about one hour and involves a bus journey to Woking then a short train ride to Guildford. After 2115 it is possible to get to Guildford via London on the Underground Railway to Waterloo Station. The enquiry desk in the terminal will give more details.’

from website

Charles asks…

What London Underground ticket to buy to get from Heathrow Airport to Earls Court and cost??

hey, hope someone can advise me on which ticket to buy to travel from London Heathrow airport terminal 1 to Earls Court tube station – i will be spending 3 days in London but will only be travelling within zones 1 and 2 so as Heathrow is within tube zone 6 is it cheaper for me to buy a 3 day travelcard just for zones 1 and 2 and then buy separate tickets in and out to Heathrow or is there a better way- Advice would be greatly appreciated and the cost too please?? Thanks!

Heathrow Arrivals Help Desk answers:

A single journey on the underground costs £4.00, so that is a cost of a journey from Heathrow to Earls Court.

A zone 1&2 three-day travel card costs 16.40. So one way of looking at this is a total or 20.40.

However, assuming you are travelling after 9.30am during the week, or ar travelling at weekends. The cheapest answer is to buy a Zone 1-6 Travelcard on arrival, at a cost of 6.70. Buy a one-day off-peak zone 1&2 travel card, for each day that you are in London (£5.10). Then on the day you return, either buy a £4.00 one way ticket, or, if you are travelling around before you go, buy a Zone 1-6 one day ticket.
Note that if you are travelling during peak time, an all-day 1-6 card is very expensive.

Mary asks…

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Heathrow Arrivals Help Desk answers:


John asks…

London Transport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I’m coming to London next week for the first time. How much does a taxi cost from Heathrow Airport to an area called ‘Wren Street’? And should I arrange for a taxi before hand or can I just go there and ask for one upon arrival? Thanks in advance

Heathrow Arrivals Help Desk answers:

You can catch a black cab outside any of the terminals. Taxi ranks are well signposted.

However, a black cab is expensive, you’d be looking at between £55 and £65 for the taxi during normal working hours, however, travelling in rush hour (7.30am-9.30am and 3.30pm-6.30pm) due to heavier traffic or late at night will cost more.
Also, if you wish to book one, you have to pay a £7 waiting fee on top.


A cheaper option would be to organise a cab with one of the many mini cab services based near Heathrow. A quick google search will produce many results.

The cheapest option would be to catch a Piccadilly line tube train to Kings Cross St Pancras Station and then take a 10 walk down Grays Inn Road to Wren Street.
The Piccadilly line services all Heathrow terminals and trains run every few minutes. A single adult fare is only £4.00 and the journey will only take 15 – 20 minutes longer than it would in a cab.


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